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This page has a little information about the J B Ware's operation, if you would like to contact someone directly, try the phone list or you may want to search the net.
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One of the twenty tonne excavators used on the Civil Engineering tasks throughout the Lower North Island.
PROFILE: J B Ware Ltd are primarily Civil Engineering contractors that operate in the Lower half of New Zealand's North Island.  The team are actively employed with work for both local body and   Transit New Zealand's roading contracts.

Although JB Ware's operate large earthmoving equipment they are also involved in providing all types of contracting and earthworks projects.

J B Ware Ltd are experienced contractors and can assist with all your needs from design and build to contract completion. We also are involved with the movement of large plant and Equipment and operate a fleet of heavy haulage vehicle with our own certified pilot. Please call and discuss all your needs for: Drainage, Earthmoving, Heavy Haulage, Plant Hire, Chip Sealing, Sub Divisions and Roading
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Planning a heavy haulage route
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Shape correction contract south of Shannon - Laws Hill
J B Ware [ J B Ware Background ] Projects ] Resources ] Contact Details ] Seach Engines ] are often seen working around the rural roads of the Manawatu where they have compete are are successful for many examples of high quality realignment projects and shape corrections. They have recently finished a major realignment at  Laws Hill (south of Shannon). This contract completed a major earthworks operation that has involved several years work by Transit New Zealand in improving access from the Pahiatua Track to Levin.



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